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There’s always room for dessert, right? If you have a sweet tooth, there’s a great place to check out in Goldsboro, NC. Come by the Stay Sweet Bakery and Ice Cream Shop this summer. The menu includes something for everyone. For example, there are items to help you cool off this summer on a hot, humid day. Furthermore, you can try food to satisfy your hunger in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Come by yourself or bring a family member or friend with you. Either way, there’s lots to enjoy, so visit today.

Hours & Location

The Stay Sweet Bakery and Ice Cream Shop is easy to find. It’s at 469 Buck Swamp Rd in Goldsboro. The shop is open every day of the week except Monday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. You can call during business hours at 919-947-5965.

Perks You’ll Enjoy

Firstly, the shop offers a few ways to enjoy its food. For example, you are welcome to come in and dine in the restaurant during open hours. Or, if you prefer, there is outdoor seating where you can eat. For your convenience, you can order ahead of time online or over the phone and pick up your food. Furthermore, free Wi-Fi is available inside the shop.

Ice Cream

Not much tastes better during a long summer day than cold, sweet ice cream. At the Stay Sweet Bakery and Ice Cream Shop, there is plenty of it to choose from. To be specific, the shop has more than 50 flavors of Hershey’s ice cream waiting for you to try. For instance, you can go with some favorites, including vanilla bean, cookie dough, strawberry, and cookies and cream. Or, you might want to check out candy bar overload, chocolate moose, mint moose tracks, or peppermint stick. Strawberry cheesecake, peanut butter cup, and black cherry are other favorites.


Cupcakes are another popular item to try here. They’re just $2.39 each and $23.90 for a dozen if you have a bigger party to share with. You can pick from several flavors of cake and frosting. For example, there is vanilla/vanilla, chocolate vanilla, vanilla/chocolate, and strawberry cream. Along with cupcakes, there is also a wide range of cakes you can buy too.

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Lastly, there aren’t just treats to buy here. The shop is the perfect place for lunch or dinner. The Stay Sweet Bakery and Ice Cream Shop has a full menu of filling food. You can try the 1/4-pound hamburger or cheeseburger. There’s also a double cheeseburger, chicken salad sandwich, or fried chicken sandwich. The four-piece chicken tender basket is also a delicious option. Each item comes with a drink as well as your choice of fries, chips, or onion rings.

Plan to eat lunch, dinner, or dessert at the Stay Sweet Bakery and Ice Cream Shop. Stop by today and take care of your cravings with some food or a snack.

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