Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At These Local Bakeries

Child in the kitchen eating donuts
Are you in the mood for a sweet treat but don’t feel like baking? That’s not a problem when you live in Goldsboro. The city is full of bakeries serving up freshly baked treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out the top bakeries in the area,... [read more]

Things To Watch Out For If You Need A New Car Battery

Auto mechanic working in garage
You can’t help but get a sinking feeling when you try to start your car, but the engine doesn’t crank. Hopefully, it’s just the car battery, but it could be the alternator. If it’s the battery, you know you can jump-start it to get a charge and then drive it... [read more]

10 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

Young woman drinking a glass of water
Summer has officially arrived, and it’s easy to get overheated, even when you’re inside. It’s going to be a while before the temperature cools off, so check out some ways you can beat the heat. These easy tips will help you enjoy the summer weather without overheating. 1.      Cool Off With... [read more]

Check Out The Odom Farming Company

sunflower field
Are you looking for an outdoor adventure to enjoy with your family this summer? The Odom Farming Company is the perfect spot for some outdoor fun. Your entire family can explore a working farm, learn about agriculture, and make some memories. Find out more about the farm and prepare for... [read more]

Teach Your Child To Ride A Bike This Summer

Mom teaching her son biking at park
Learning to ride a bike is a critical milestone for children. They can’t wait to learn so they can explore the neighborhood and go biking with friends. They feel a bit more independent after learning, which is an exciting time in their lives. Before they can gain that independence, you... [read more]

Don’t Miss These Things When Test-Driving A Car

Woman buying a car in dealership sitting in her new auto
The test drive is generally the last step you take before buying a car. Instead of just jumping in the vehicle and taking it for a spin, follow some tips for test-driving a car. You won’t have any trouble getting the most out of your test drive when you follow... [read more]

Dine-In Or Takeout At These Local Hot Spots

baked tasty margerita pizza near oven
Downtown Goldsboro is home to countless restaurants you’re sure to love. These restaurants represent cuisine from all over the world. Check out the best Downtown Goldsboro restaurants to try the next time you feel like dining in or getting carryout. Adams Downtown Bar-B-Q You can’t go downtown without at least trying Adams... [read more]

Visit These Parks This Summer

Family playing soccer at park outdoors.
Goldsboro is home to an impressive number of parks. You can visit the parks to enjoy green spaces, play sports, let your kids loose on the playground, and more. Are you unsure of which parks you want to visit? Check out the top parks in Goldsboro and make plans to... [read more]

See A Down East Wood Ducks Baseball Game

Professional baseball field lit up at night
What better way to welcome the summer season than attending a baseball game? The Down East Wood Ducks are a Minor League Baseball team located in the heart of Kinston, North Carolina. Not only does their talent wow the crowd, but their home grounds, Grainger Stadium has a lot to... [read more]

Tips And Tricks To Deep Clean Your Car

Close up of person wiping down steering wheel
Even if you never eat or drink in your car, dust and grime will still accumulate over time. Use these tips to give your car a good DIY detailing this spring! Start From Scratch To really deep clean your car, you'll first need to take everything out. Not only will this ensure... [read more]