10 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

Young woman drinking a glass of water

Summer has officially arrived, and it’s easy to get overheated, even when you’re inside. It’s going to be a while before the temperature cools off, so check out some ways you can beat the heat. These easy tips will help you enjoy the summer weather without overheating.

1.      Cool Off With a Spray Bottle

Fill up a spray bottle and put it in the refrigerator. Then, take it out and give yourself a spritz when you’re overheated. The water will cool you off when it evaporates, so you’ll feel rejuvenated.

2.      Use the Air Conditioner and Fan

It’s easy to stay cool indoors when you run a fan and an air conditioner. While fans don’t cool rooms, they do push heat away from your body, so you’ll feel cooler. Plus, fans cause sweat to evaporate, leading to instant relief. If you do this, you won’t have to turn the air conditioner as low to stay cool, so you can also save on your energy bill.

3.      Use Your Computer Wisely

Your computer gives off heat that can increase the temperature in the room. Use the sleep mode to reduce the heat when you’re away from your PC for at least 10 minutes. At the end of the day, shut it down so it won’t give off any heat while you’re sleeping. Also, if you use a notebook, don’t place it on your lap since the heat will transfer to your legs.

4.      Drink Plenty of Water

You likely sweat a lot during the summer, and that can lead to dehydration. Your body temperature goes up when you’re dehydrated, making it easier to get overheated. Drink water regularly to stay cool during the summer.

5.      Turn off the Lights

You can keep your home cooler by turning off the lights. Also, consider switching to compact fluorescent bulbs since they emit less heat.

6.      Eat Light

Fill your diet with light foods during the summer. These foods are easier to digest, so your body won’t have to work as hard. That will keep you much cooler.

7.      Use a Cold Compress at Night

If you get hot when you sleep, consider using a cold compress to keep your bed cool. Put rice in a cotton sock, tie it with twine, and put it in the freezer for two hours. Take it out at bedtime, and then place it between the sheets to stay cool all night long.

8.      Wear Loose Cotton Clothing

Loose cotton clothing will help you stay cool indoors and out. Air can easily move through the clothing and reach your skin, allowing it to evaporate sweat, so you stay cool.

9.      Use the Vent Fan When Taking a Shower

Have you noticed how your house feels hot after you take a shower? The steam can travel out of the bathroom and impact the temperature in other rooms. Turn on the vent fan when you shower to remove the steam from your bathroom.

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10. Trick Your Mind

You can trick your mind into thinking you’re in a cool climate. Read books that are set in cold climates. As you imagine the scenery, you’ll actually feel yourself cooling down.

You’ll feel so much cooler this summer if you follow these tips. Then, instead of trying to hide away from the summer heat, you’ll enjoy the gorgeous weather.

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