5 Safety Features To Look For In A Family Vehicle

Family with dog in the car

When you shop for a vehicle in Goldsboro, North Carolina, there are many elements to pay attention to. For instance, you’ll need to budget wisely, so the price tag makes a big difference. You’ll also keep a close eye on the engine power, gas mileage, and interior comforts and conveniences. Furthermore, the cargo room matters, especially if you have a big family to accommodate. However, the most critical piece of deciding what vehicle to get is how safe it is. Make sure your family vehicle has top safety features to protect you and your passengers.

Lane Departure Warning

It’s not uncommon for drivers to accidentally drift out of their lane into another one. Also, it’s possible to do this and end up off the road entirely or into oncoming traffic. Drowsy driving is a significant cause of drifting. Thankfully, lane departure warning can help prevent this. This safety feature comes with many new Buick and GMC models. This safety element monitors your position on the road. If you cross lane markers or get too close to other vehicles on the road, the feature will alert you. Drivers find this to be especially helpful on road trips or other long rides.

Rearview Camera

If you’ve got a family car such as a larger SUV or a minivan, backing up can be challenging. This is particularly true in crowded areas such as parking lots. It can also be difficult in tight spaces where visibility is low. Moreover, having a rearview camera is an excellent tool if you live in a neighborhood with lots of children. The camera guards against you inadvertently backing over smaller children. You can even find models with 360-degree cameras.

Blind-Spot Detection

The blind-spot detection warning is a tremendous aid when you need to change lanes. This feature tells you when another vehicle is close to you but in your blind spot. The warning may include sound and lights on the door mirrors.

Air Bags

All vehicles are required to have air bags. However, some family models have more than others. Make sure you look for a family vehicle that has side-impact and side curtain air bags, along with frontal air bags. This crucial feature can minimize injuries, even on serious impacts.

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Automatic Braking

If an object gets in your way on the road, you may not have enough reaction time to stop. The good news is automatic emergency braking can sense possible collisions and does the work for you. It works whether you’re going forward or in reverse.

Nothing should be on your mind more than staying safe when you’re behind the wheel. So, make sure your family car has these features. You can ask the sales team about these elements when you shop at Doug Henry Buick GMC in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Stop by today.

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