Play A Round At Captain Jack’s Mini Golf

Play A Round At Captain Jack's Mini Golf
You and all your friends and family can enjoy challenging greens year-round at Captain Jack’s Miniature Golf! This indoor course in Greenville promises fun and adventure, rain or shine.

A Unique Mini Golf Experience

So much depends on the weather, but you don’t have to worry about rain clouds putting a damper on your fun at Captain Jack’s. This mini golf course is housed in a climate-controlled environment, allowing you to enjoy a full 18 holes of slopes and bank shots without being interrupted by the hot sun or raindrops.

The Pirates of the Outer Banks

The course winds its way through pirate ships, taverns, and grottoes, and you’ll encounter scenes from the old days when pirates sailed the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As you navigate the engaging greens, you’ll pass novel sights like alligators nesting on the shore, tavern patrons by a massive rum barrel, and a patient horse sporting an antique saddle.

The Pro Shop and Galley

Once you’ve finished at the 18th hole, don’t forget to stop by the Pro Shop for merch like shirts and hats, as well as handcrafted items and coastal art. If you work up an appetite, you can pull up a chair in the Galley, which serves up stone-cooked pizzas, salads, and more.

The Party Room

Whether you’re planning a birthday or other occasion, you can rent out Captain Jack’s multi-media party room. The space can accommodate up to 30 guests, and if you’re up for a game of mini golf while you there, everyone may enjoy a special discount.

Make Your Plans

Captain Jack’s Mini Golf is open Wednesday through Sunday. Hours vary by each day, but they’re open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. Early day rounds are $6, afternoon rounds are $7, and evening rounds are $8. Each round comes with complimentary popcorn. The mini golf course is located at 2903 E 10th Street, Greenville, North Carolina 27858.

Did You Know?

The Outer Banks had its share of pirates during the 1600 and 1700s, but no other earned lasting notoriety like the infamous Blackbeard. This fiendish mariner was a legend in his day for his vicious escapades, and many myths have arisen with various levels of truth. One tale claims that he would light his beard aflame in battle to intimidate his foes. While he was too fond of his beard to burn it, he would load it with burning fuses to billow smoke. Another story suggests that he buried his treasure, but given that the bulk of his pilfered goods were perishable items, it’s unlikely that he would hide them in the ground.

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