Check Out Buick’s J.D. Power Rankings


People have always trusted Buick automobiles. That’s because this automaker doesn’t cut corners when designing and building new vehicles. To fully appreciate its vehicles, check out its ranking with the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Customer Service Index. In addition, visit Doug Henry Buick GMC in Goldsboro, NC, to take one for a test drive.

What’s the J.D. Power Customer Service Index?

This index, also referred to as a customer satisfaction survey, is a study based on responses from people who own and lease vehicles. It performed surveys with more than 64,000 individuals as part of the study. However, to ensure that every response is valid, all participants are first verified.

As a reminder, J.D. Power represents consumers. Simply put, they’re the voice of people who buy products. After gathering the responses, they then create detailed reports. Companies around the globe rely on these to improve customer satisfaction and quality.

J.D. Power is one of the most recognized and respected consumer analysis companies worldwide. For that reason, people pay attention to its reports. While this organization assists many industries, including healthcare and insurance, it specializes in the automotive industry.

The Release of Buick’s 2023 Report

This organization focuses on and analyzes four specific categories to rank a business such as Buick. Each of these accounts for a percentage of the overall study. The following shows the breakdown.

  • Quality and Reliability – 40 percent
  • Driving Experience – 20 percent
  • Resale Value – 20 percent
  • Dealership Experience – 20 percent

The highest score achievable is 1,000. Here’s how Buick ranked and why its score matters to car buyers. Especially when comparing studies to other automakers, Buick did exceptionally well.

Mass Market Brand

In this segment of the study, Buick received a score of 867. As a result, this automaker came in third place. It only follows Mitsubishi and Mazda, which scored 884 and 870, respectively. Interestingly, Chrysler took last place with 803.

Mass Market SUVs and Minivans

Buick also took third place by receiving a score of 867 in this category. Again, Mitsubishi ranked number one with 884 and Mazda in second with 872. For this segment, Hyundai came in last with a score of 818.

Electric Vehicle Segment

As you probably know, automakers have focused a great deal on producing electric vehicles. So many people wanted to see how Buick would do in this study segment. However, because it’s still somewhat new, J.D. Power couldn’t accurately determine a winner.

As time goes on and people have their vehicles serviced and repaired, J.D. Power will have the chance to make a better assessment. So, it’s hard to rank any automakers currently. Probably next year, the organization will have rankings based not only on maintenance and repairs but also on customer satisfaction.

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If you’re considering buying or leasing a 2022 or 2023 Buick automobile, you can feel 100 percent confident with your decision. After all, J.D. Power looks at every detail when studying and reporting on how well automakers and their vehicles do from a consumer’s perspective.

To feel how a Buick sedan or SUV rides, contact the experts at Doug Henry Buick GMC in Goldsboro, North Carolina, to take one for a test drive. They’ll gladly answer all your questions and schedule a test drive.

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