Check Out The Odom Farming Company

sunflower field

Are you looking for an outdoor adventure to enjoy with your family this summer? The Odom Farming Company is the perfect spot for some outdoor fun. Your entire family can explore a working farm, learn about agriculture, and make some memories. Find out more about the farm and prepare for your outdoor adventure.

Explore the Sunflower Fields

Exploring the sunflower fields is a popular summer pastime at the Odom Farming Company. There are sunflowers as far as the eye can see, and you can get right in the middle of the action by walking along the trails. You can even pick the sunflowers for just $1 each when you visit. The sunflower fields are so magical that some people go there for photoshoots. There’s even been a proposal or two in the sunflower fields.

Visit the Farm Animals

Visiting the farm animals is also a top activity at the Odom Farm Company. You can pet the farm animals, and they are always happy to have some company. While your kids interact with the animals, they can also learn more about them.

Have a Complete Experience

If you want to get more out of your trip to Odom Farming Company, you can book a party. You can keep it simple by renting a shelter. Then, you’ll have access to the playground and farm animals. You can also rent a package.

The Entertainment Package is a fantastic way to have fun during your party. The team at Odom Farming Company will set up a bonfire for you and take you on a hayride. You’re welcome to bring s’mores with you to cook on the bonfire if you opt for this package.

If you’re not going to celebrate until the fall, you can choose a birthday package that includes a trip through a corn maze, a pumpkin, and more. Oh, and the farm has a sunflower maze during the fall, so you can add that to your party, too. It opens in October and is always a hit.

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Take Your Photography Business to the Next Level

If you’re a photographer, you can even take your clients out to the Odom Farming Company. Some scenes, such as the sunflower and strawberry fields, are available by season. Other areas, including the river bank and grassy fields, are open to photographers all year.

You do have to pay a small fee to work as a photographer at the Odom Farming Company. If you’re only going to take clients out for a day, you’ll pay $30. You can photograph as many clients as you want during the day. If you want a season pass, you’ll pay $150. Then, you can photograph an unlimited number of clients for as many days as you want during the season.

Whether you want some family fun or you’re looking for a new place to photograph clients, you’ll want to visit the Odom Farming Company. Head over soon, and you’ll see why so many people love this farm.

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