Tips To Deep Clean Your Car

Man detailing his carHave you ever had your car professionally detailed? If you have, then you’ve likely wondered what the professionals do to clean the car so comprehensively. While there isn’t a bad way to clean your car, there is a better way to do it. Hopefully, these tips help rejuvenate your vehicle’s appearance.

Achieve A Deep Clean! 

One of the best ways to wipe down your vehicle is to first start by dusting or using a dry rag. For the best results, dust with one hand and vacuum the recently disturbed dust particles with the other. Using a dry rag, duster, or toothbrush in combination with the vacuum will allow you to remove dirt and dust without spreading it to another area. If you start with some sort of wet wipe you will frequently leave behind streaks of condensed dust and dirt. Once you are done with your dusting/vacuuming combo you’re free to use disinfecting wipes and sprays. This one-two punch will properly and completely remove dirt, smudges, and dust from the interior of your vehicle. 

Before you finish vacuuming out your car, first remove the floor mats. Once removed, give each floor mat a good shake to further extract dirt and dust from its worn fibers. After that, vacuum each mat and remaining floor space to wrap things up.

Successfully cleaning the surfaces of your vehicle and properly vacuuming is the majority of the work. But if you want to take things to the next level consider DIY options for cleaning and shampooing the seats and floor mats.

At this point, the only thing keeping your car away from interior excellence is a few miscellaneous tasks. A couple of remaining places to clean are: 

  • Glove compartment
  • Center console
  • Trunk

Also, be sure to clean all of your windows including the inside of your windshield. It’s an area many forget, but it makes a big difference.

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There are a ton of ways to keep up with your vehicle’s cleanliness and maintenance. If you need service or any sort of automotive help, Doug Henry Buick GMC is here for you!

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