Gear Up For The Fall Bash Weekend At Busco Beach And ATV Park

ATV Dirt Riders

One of the biggest events of the year is almost here. Busco Beach and ATV Park have announced that Fall Bash Weekend will take place from Oct. 8-10, and it’s going to be epic. This manages to be one of the most exciting events year after year, so you’ll want to head to the Goldsboro ATV park to join in the fun. Will this be your first Fall Bash? Find out what to expect when you participate in this adrenaline-pumping event.

Ride Trails That Are Groomed and Ready for the Crowds

Busco Beach and ATV Park take special care when preparing the trails for Fall Bash. You can rent an ATV or bring your own and then fly around, having the time of your life. Get ready to climb hills, traverse wooded trails, and cross the water when you go here. Because of the natural setting, the obstacles change constantly, so you never know what you might encounter. One thing is certain, though. You won’t be on those trails alone. Fall Bash draws a crowd, so you’ll get to ride along with other ATV enthusiasts.

Win Some Money

Busco Beach and ATV Park have yet to announce their schedule for the Fall Bash. However, you can expect lots of contests over the weekend. And you won’t end up with some silly prize if you win first place. The winners get cash, so you can go home in better shape than when you arrive.

In the past, the contests have included water relay snorkel races, raffles, and more. Oh, and you can expect a racing contest or two as well. Be sure to try your hand at a few contests to see if you can take home a nice cash prize.

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Vendors Galore

You can’t help but get excited about the vendors that participate at Fall Bash. You can buy some items and watch demonstrations during the Fall Bash. Often, there are vendors available to display new product lineups. If you want to see how the newest machines perform, this is the place to go.

Oh, and there are always food vendors as well. You won’t go hungry when you’re hanging out at the Fall Bash.

It’s clear that the Fall Bash is going to be a wild ride. If you love ATVs, people, food, and fun, this is the event for you. Stay tuned to Busco Beach and ATV Park’s website and Facebook page for more information. Then you can make plans to attend.

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