Fall Opens The Door To New Date Ideas

Shot of a happy senior couple baking at home

The changing leaves, brisk breezes, and shorter fall days can lend romance to your dates. And sometimes, it is more fun to get creative with your dates and try new things. Whether you’ve been with your partner for years or it’s your first date, you can do more than the typical dinner. Let fall open the door to new date ideas.

Go on a Hayride

There’s something magical about a hayride at dusk. And in the fall, you can find hayrides that are relaxing and beautiful or creepy and scary. In addition, a hayride is a perfect excuse to snuggle up close in the cool, crisp air. After, grab a hot chocolate together.

Puzzle Night

Many people immediately think of puzzles as boring, but they’re actually the opposite. And you can make your puzzle night great with the right planning. First, find a fall-themed puzzle. Then, plan your space. You’ll want to make it cozy and relaxing. Fall-scented candles or a simmer pot can help. In addition, you can make or order snacks and enjoy spiced tea.

Happy Hiking

Find a trail near you that fits your and your partner’s activity level. Bonus points if the trail takes you through the changing leaves or a forested area. Of course, you’ll want to pack snacks and drinks. Stick with the season and include pumpkin, cinnamon, or cranberry-flavored snacks. And you’ll get to take some lovely photos along the way.

Go on a Camp Out

If you’ve dated for a while and want to change things up, try a weekend camping trip together. Plan a simple menu and pack your gear and head out to enjoy the fresh air. In addition, if you’re able to make a fire at your campsite, you can roast marshmallows. Enjoy s’mores with your sweetie and cuddle time with a warm blanket under the starry sky.

Candy Apple Crush

Whether you’re a novice or an expert in the kitchen, making candy apples together is a winning date idea. In fact, there are tons of great recipes and ideas online that can help you. And while you’re making candy apples, have a delicious spiced tea or coffee. In addition, make sure you decorate your home and space to feel more like fall to get you in the spirit of things.

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Bookshop Date

Finally, if you’re looking for a great date that is different from the usual dinner, try heading to the bookshop. If you go to a small, independent bookshop, you might find unique treasures. Also, you can grab a coffee after you browse, although some bookstores offer coffee in the shop. Choose books for each other, or choose for yourself and then discuss them after.

Fall is a wonderful time for getting creative with date ideas. Let the season inspire you to go off the beaten track and make great connections.

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