Take A Family Day Trip To Fayetteville To Kick Off Your Summer

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Summertime is the perfect season for day-tripping. North Carolina has some intriguing locations, including the city of Fayetteville in the east. There is a little something for everyone here, so make your plans. Moreover, you’ll want to return later to entertain your family members and find some new day-trip excitement.

Carvers Creek State Park

This gorgeous, sprawling park covers parts of both Cumberland and Harnett counties. You can explore all of its 4,530 acres and take in everything it offers. For example, the park includes sand and pine trees and excellent hiking options. The scenery is unlike anything you will see in the Tar Heel State. Spend some time at Long Valley Farm, which contains an array of cypress trees, walking paths, and birds. You can also check out other wildlife. This is also a great place to go fishing. You’ll also appreciate that many of the walking and hiking trails will fit a variety of ability levels. Thus, if you have younger children, they can accompany you.

Farmer’s Markets

In some places, you’ll have to wait until spring or summer to check out a farmer’s market. However, in Fayetteville, you can spend the day at one or more at any time of the year. The City Market at the Museum is open for your visits on Saturday and Sunday year-round. Another popular choice is the Dirtbag Ales Farmers Markets, available from April through late November. In the wintertime, there is a smaller mini-market open here. But if it’s the summertime when you want to enjoy a farmers market, you need to check out the Downtown District Summer Market. There’s no better place to find fresh fruit and other delicious produce.

Gillis Hill Farm

This family-owned farm has been around for hundreds of years and is open from April through October. One of the biggest draws to this farm is that you can pick fruits and other in-season foods. Furthermore, for those who like ice cream, you won’t find anything better than what Gillis Hills Farm has to offer.

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The Poe House

Lastly, you can include a few different destinations on your day trip to Fayetteville. One place you’ll want to see is the famous Poe House. This is where businessman and politician E.A. Poe and his wife, Josephine, lived. It’s a spectacular mansion that you can tour. The tour will teach you not only about the Poe family but what social and economic life in North Carolina was like during the early 20th century.

There are lots of things to see in Fayetteville, so plan a day trip today and explore this part of the great state of North Carolina. Thus, you start with these attractions.

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