Fun Winter Activities To Try This Season

Salsa dance class in a studio.

Here are some awesome ideas if you’re looking for fun things to do this winter with family members, friends, or even alone. If you’re willing to brave the cold, bundle up and head outside. Otherwise, there are plenty of fun things to do indoors.

Start a Sewing Project

Winter is a perfect time of the year to start a sewing project. If you enjoy this, you could test your skills with something more challenging. If you’re learning to sew or it’s been a while, take time to watch videos online. Then select a project you feel comfortable with and have fun.

Go Ice Skating

One of the great things about this winter activity is that you can choose an indoor rink or a frozen pond. Either way, not only is ice skating a blast, but it’s also an excellent form of exercise. In addition, if you have rambunctious kids, it’ll wear them out quickly.

Take an Art Class

For this, you can choose from many different types of art classes. For instance, you could paint, make pottery, work on a stained-glass piece, and more. So select one that you’re the most interested in and sign up. Typically, art classes are affordable. They’re also a great way to make new friends.

Attend a Local Play

You might attend a local play along with full-scale productions at theaters in your city. In addition, check out the schedule for a high school or college where you live. Regardless, you can get out of the house while a cast of performers entertains you.

Make Goodies

Winter is also ideal for baking. Whether you make a cake, pie, cookies, or candy, many people find this activity fun and relaxing. If you have kids, they’ll appreciate the time you spend in the kitchen. If not, you can give home-baked goods to coworkers, neighbors, and even your postal worker.

Work on a Jigsaw Puzzle

If frigid temperatures keep you inside, work on a jigsaw puzzle. You can work on this at a leisurely pace or get the entire family involved. For the latter, turn the television and phones off to spend quality time with the people you love the most.

Take the Sleds Out of Storage

Instead of leaving sleds in your basement or garage, pull them out to go sledding if there’s enough snow on the ground. After all, this activity isn’t just for kids. Adults have just as much fun, sometimes even more.

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Take Dance Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn salsa, tango, or how to line dance? Now’s a great time. If you can’t talk your partner into it, then ask a friend. First, you’ll have a blast. Second, you’ll learn something new.

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