Bring Your Furry Friend With You To These Parks And Restaurants

Young man in the city with his french bulldog

Your pup likely enjoys getting out of the house and seeing new places and people. Fortunately, there are tons of options when you live in Goldsboro. Check out some of Goldsboro’s best pet-friendly parks and restaurants so you can plan an outing with your furry friend.

Vailhouse Oyster Bar and Grille

When the Vail family opened Vailhouse Oyster Bar and Grille, two things became clear immediately. First, this family knows how to make mouthwatering food, and second, they love dogs. In fact, you’ll find all kinds of adorable pup pictures if you look at the Vailhouse Oyster Bar and Grille’s Facebook page. You and your pup can grab a spot on the patio and chow down on oysters, steam pots, and other tasty treats. And since the patio is heated, you won’t be in any rush to finish your meal. That means you can linger a bit and watch a game on TV from the comfort of your patio table.

Great Harvest Bread Co.

You and Fido can both get a tasty treat at Great Harvest Bread Co. The staff makes fresh bread each day, and you can enjoy premium sandwiches when stopping here. And your pup will love it as much as you do, thanks to the homemade dog treats. In fact, your pup might put it on his list of favorite places to visit in Goldsboro after chowing down on his snack.

Herman Park

Your pup will have some energy after eating some treats, so you can head over to Herman Park to burn it off.  The sidewalks around the park are ideal for walking, and you can also hang out on the large lawn. Be sure to bring a tennis ball with you in case your dog wants to play some fetch.

Stoney Creek Park

Your furry friend will also have a blast at Stoney Creek Park in Goldsboro. This park is full of things to do, including disc golf, sand volleyball, and walking trails. Plus, it has a dog park, so your little buddy can go off-leash during playtime. He’ll also meet some new pups during his time at the park. You’ll love watching him run with abandon at this park, so make plans to stop by soon.

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Cliffs of the Neuse State Park

If you want to do some exploring, consider venturing out to Cliffs of the Neuse State Park in Seven Springs, NC. You can pack a picnic lunch and a leash and then head over to explore the hiking trails and sandy beach. You can even do some fishing with Fido by your side if you wish.

Boredom will be a thing of the past once you start exploring Goldsboro with your pup. You’ll love watching his excitement with each new stop and interaction. Plus, you’ll appreciate how tired he’ll be at the end of the day. Everyone’s sure to have a good night’s sleep after a day out in Goldsboro.

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