Have You Been To The Big Barn Theater?

wheel of a horse carriage in the street

With plenty of character and charm, the Big Barn Theater in Goldsboro, North Carolina, is the ideal venue for special events. However, it’s much more than that. It features various music shows during the year. With a wholesome environment, your entire family can enjoy a fun night.

Gorgeous Venue for Special Events

As you might expect by the name, you’ll enjoy a rustic vibe at the Big Barn Theater. You’ll notice wagon wheels, hanging lights, and handcrafted elements throughout. So, if you’re looking for a picturesque venue for a special occasion, don’t miss the opportunity to consider this place.

For example, it’s an excellent choice for weddings, receptions, family reunions, business parties, anniversaries, and more. Depending on your preference, the staff can create a fantastic dinner, or you can have an outside company cater the event.

This venue can accommodate you even if you are planning a large get-together. That’s because the Big Barn Theater comfortably seats 400 people. Not only that, but with the seating inside, you never have to worry about weather issues.

Music Shows

As mentioned, this is also a great place to visit when you’re in the mood for a music show. Talented musicians perform country music, including older and newer songs by popular artists. You’ll dine on a tasty meal while listening to a live band.

Today, it’s hard to find quaint places to enjoy a music show and dinner. That’s just one reason that so many people visit the Big Barn Theater. It offers a unique experience and creates wonderful memories.

In addition to the country music shows hosted throughout the year, the Big Barn Theater offers magical Christmas shows with beautifully prepared meals. You can buy tickets that would make a perfect Christmas gift. However, this would also be a wonderful way to spend quality time with family or friends.

It’s so enchanting that after seeing one Christmas music show, you might consider making it an annual tradition. Just be sure to book seats early. After all, it’s a popular venue with incredible shows.

Accommodating Staff

Everyone that works at the Big Barn Theater goes out of their way to make guests feel welcome. Their goal is to provide people with a wonderful experience. They achieve that with their hospitality and outstanding service. That, along with the venue itself and the great music shows, is why this theater is so popular among locals and tourists alike.

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An Additional Option

The combination of a charming venue and gorgeous scenery make it a perfect place for taking photos. For graduation, family, and even pet photos, it’s idyllic. For this, you’ll need to speak with someone at the Big Barn Theater for permission first.

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