Homemade Gifts Your Friends And Family Will Love

Shot of young friends opening their Christmas gifts

Are you wanting to make DIY Christmas gifts for your family and friends this year? If so, we have some great crafts you can make in under 15 minutes that everyone will love. No mess or stress here!

Personalized Photo Candles

This is such a simple craft that comes out stunning each time. All you need is your favorite photos printed out on copy paper, scissors, heavy-duty packing tape, and a card of some sort so you can smooth out bumps on the tape. Your candle will turn out great and your friends and family will love the sentiment behind it.

Soup In A Jar

If your friends and family love a good gift they can eat, these soup jars would make the perfect present for the holidays. Depending on the recipe you use, the jars will only be a couple of dollars to make. Simply fill your jar up with the soup recipe and apply your recipe tag to the outside.

Stamped Wooden Utensils

You can never have too many wooden spoons in your kitchen, especially if they are as cute as these! All you need for this cute gift are some wooden spoons, a stamp set, a sharpie, and a pencil. Just stamp the spoons on a flat surface, and color the letters in with a black sharpie marker.


Potpourri is such a great addition to your home, especially if you are looking to add a wonderful smell to the mix. Gifting homemade potpourri is such a fun idea, and it doesn’t take very long to do. Simply combine your spices into a mason jar. Leave an ingredient and instructions tag on your jar and watch your friends fill their home with your potpourri.

Sugar Scrub

This gift may seem like it is tough to make, but we promise it isn’t. You just need some soap, a fragrance of your choice, jojoba oil, sugar, and food coloring. These sugar scrub cubes are so great that your friends and family will want you to make them every year.

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Keepsake Photo Box

This is such an easy craft to make that your kids can even help with it too! This would make the perfect DIY gift for anyone on your Christmas list. This DIY takes a few minutes and only a few dollars.

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