Grab A Slice At One Of These Local Pizza Places

pizza goldsboro

When a craving for pizza starts, you know you’re not going to get rid of it until you actually grab a slice of cheesy deliciousness. But sometimes, the frozen pizza you have in the freezer just doesn’t make the cut. If you want something fresher that will be ready for you right away, you should check out some of the following local pizza places. These are some of the most popular spots around town, and it’s not hard to tell why. With the wealth of options they have for toppings, sizes, and more, they are the best places to go when you get a pizza craving that you just can’t ignore. Here are the spots that you should be checking out sometime soon.

Brooklyn Pizzeria

If you are looking for the kind of pizza you can find all over New York, then you need to make your way to the Brooklyn Pizzeria in Goldsboro. They make the New York-style pizza you love with all of your favorite toppings and then some. But don’t just stop at the pizza. They offer all kinds of other Italian dishes and sides that you may want to try, including lasagna, subs, hot wings, and so much more. Plus, the staff is known as being very friendly and welcoming, making you feel at ease the second you walk in the door.

Papa Murphy’s

Sometimes, you don’t want to have to go to a restaurant just to get a good meal; in fact, you may just want to try to pick something up as quickly as you can when you’re on the way home from work. That’s when it’s a great time to check out Papa Murphy’s, which is also located in Goldsboro. You can call ahead and make your order, and the staff will have it all ready for you to pick up when you stop by on the way home. You really can’t beat that kind of convenience.

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Crick’s Pizza Shack

Perhaps you want to go somewhere you can sit down and enjoy your pizza in the restaurant. In that case, then Crick’s Pizza Shack is the place to go. The atmosphere is so nice that it can be a perfect place for a casual date. Plus, you don’t want to forget about the pizza itself. It gets some of the best ratings in town, and you’re always guaranteed a top-quality culinary experience when you visit. You can find this spot in Princeton.

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