Get Your Kitchen Ready For October With These Foods

Roasting pumpkins in the oven

Are you ready for fall to be here once again? You may be pretty excited that the weather is cooling off. Just think the crisp, cool breezes. The pumpkin spices everything. Even the falling leaves. It is a magical time of year. But other people lament the beginning of fall like nothing else. It is the official end of summer, after all. But whether you’re excited about the new season or not, you might want to give your fridge a makeover for the upcoming season. Check out what produce is in season during the fall, and get ready for a healthy, happy autumn.


If there’s one food that screams “fall,” it’s apples. Apples are a fall staple, so you’ll have to pick some up. Of course, you can always get yours at the grocery store. But why not visit a local farmers market to find yours instead? You can even try to find a local farm where you can pick your apples. Whether you just put them in school lunches or make them into a delicious apple pie, this is one fall fruit you’ve just gotta have.


You may not think of avocados as an October fruit, and if so, you’d be right, kind of. See, these favorites are available all year round. So, don’t think for a second that you’re not going to be able to make your favorite avocado toast recipe all autumn long. Don’t forget about the guacamole either, though you may want to leave out the tomatoes if you’re trying to keep it as fresh and in-season as possible.


Think melons are a thing of the past just because summer is ending? Think again. You can still get your favorite melons for a few weeks, so it’s the perfect time to get your fill right now. Pick up some honeydew or cantaloupe on your next trip to the grocery store.

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Here’s another October essential: pumpkin. Sure, you’re probably going to pick one up so you can carve it. But have you ever thought about what you could do with the insides? There are countless ways to serve pumpkins in your food, from stews to snacks to everything in between. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the next pumpkin you pick up from the store.

There are so many other delicious fruits and veggies you can try during this time of year. Find something new to try, and experiment with recipes as you go.

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