Playlists That Will Help You Stay Focused

Cropped shot of a handsome young businessman wearing headphones to listen to music and using his computer in a cafe

Losing focus at work, or during an important task, can really hinder your productivity. If you find yourself turning to music or podcasts to stay focused, we have some Spotify playlists that will help you stay on track when you’re in a rut. Download Spotify for free and start listening!

Video Games

When you play video games you have to stay focused. It’s all about keeping your eye on the prize and trying not to lose. Music is a big part of keeping you focused on your game. When listening to “Video Game Soundtracks” on Spotify, try to imagine you are in a game trying to make it to the finish line.


Classical music can either get you in the zone, or ready for bed. The “Mozart: Classical Music for Studying” playlist will have you ready to conquer your entire to-do list.


Sometimes listening to music when trying to focus can make things worse. The “Atmospheric Sci-Fi Soundtracks” playlist will give your mind enough room to focus while filling your ears with eerie and atmospheric sounds.

Intense Classical

“Epic & Intense Classical Music” on Spotify will have you ready to complete the toughest job. These serious tunes will get you back on task like you never left.

Thomas Newman

The “This Is Thomas Newman” playlist will have you feeling like you are part of a movie. Who doesn’t want to feel like a movie star when doing their work?

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Explosions In The Sky

If you get caught up listening to the words and not the music of a song, the “Explosions in the Sky’s Good Morning Wanderers” is a great instrumental playlist that has energetic notes without any vocal tracks to distract you. Alpha brainwaves can help by boosting productivity and increasing your creative thinking. This playlist will help keep you relaxed by having Alpha waves present!

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