Don’t Miss These Things When Test-Driving A Car

Woman buying a car in dealership sitting in her new auto

The test drive is generally the last step you take before buying a car. Instead of just jumping in the vehicle and taking it for a spin, follow some tips for test-driving a car. You won’t have any trouble getting the most out of your test drive when you follow these tips.

Inspect the Exterior

Before you leave on the test drive, inspect the car’s exterior. Look for signs of cosmetic damage and wear. Also, see if the car has matching tires, and they are still in good shape. If you notice anything wrong with the exterior, you can ask the sales associate to show you other options.

Explore the Interior

If the car passes the exterior inspection, it’s time to look at the interior. First, if you have kids, put your car seat in the vehicle to make sure it fits. Then, turn on the car and make sure everything is in good working order. Use the turn signals and check the brake lights. Also, check the navigation system and any special features that come with the car. Turn on the radio to make sure it works and check the heating and cooling system. Also, power the windows up and down and check the seat belts before taking off.

Get the Car Ready to Drive

Adjust the seat and mirrors before leaving the dealership. Also, go over the different features, such as any autonomous driving tools, before you go. The sales associate can demonstrate all the features for you and tell you how to use them when you’re on your test drive.

Test the Vehicle in Different Conditions

You’ll finally be ready to drive the car off the lot. You need to see how the car performs in different conditions before buying it. Drive it on side roads and the highway, so you can evaluate accelerating, braking, and turning. You will also find out if the car provides a comfortable ride in different conditions.

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Engage Your Senses

Make sure you engage your senses during the test drive. Keep your eyes and ears open for any strange lights or sounds. Also, watch for blind spots. Can you see other traffic on the road? Is it easy to change lanes? These are all things to consider during the test drive.

These tips will help you get more out of the experience when you test-drive a car from Doug Henry Buick GMC in Goldsboro, North Carolina. After you finish the test drive, come back to the dealership and discuss it with us. If you loved the test drive, we’d get everything together, so you can take the car home today. If you weren’t happy with the test drive, we’ll go over your needs and help you find another vehicle.

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