Tips On How To Wash Your Weighted Blanket

woman washing blanket

Do you love curling up under a weighted blanket at the end of the day? Your blanket creates a calm, cozy place for you to relax, especially when it’s clean. However, if your blanket is dirty, you’ll have difficulty relaxing. You can fix this problem by learning how to wash your weighted blanket.

Make Sure You Can Wash Your Blanket at Home

First, you need to make sure you can wash your weighted blanket in a washing machine. Blankets made of fleece, cotton-polyester blend, or polyester can normally be washed in the machine. However, read the label to make sure.

Second, you need to check the weight to ensure your machine can handle it. If it’s 20 pounds or less, you can wash it at home. However, if it’s heavier, it’s a good idea to take it to a laundromat or use a wash and fold service. Then you’ll have access to a commercial-grade washing machine that can handle the extra weight.

Washing the Blanket

Whether you’re washing your weighted blanket at home or the laundromat, put it in the machine by itself and use a mild detergent to clean it. Otherwise, the machine or detergent could damage the blanket, meaning you won’t get the same level of comfort when using it.

You also need to be mindful of the water temperature. For instance, you’ll need to wash fleece or cotton in cold or warm water. On the other hand, stick to cold water if you’re washing a cotton-polyester blend.

If you don’t have any stains, you can pop the blanket right in the washing machine. However, if you need to handle some stains, use a stain removal product. Follow the instructions when pre-treating the stain and then wash it.

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Drying the Blanket

Once your blanket is done washing, you’ll be ready to dry it. You might think that you should hang it up on the line to air dry, but your blanket is too heavy for that. It can put too much stress on the line, and it’s so big and bulky that you might have to wait for ages for it to dry.

If your blanket is over 20 pounds, use a commercial dryer on low to medium heat to dry it. Otherwise, you can use low to medium heat to dry it at home. If you’re drying a cotton blanket, you can toss in some dryer sheets, but don’t use them when drying other fabrics.

While washing a weighted blanket is a bit different from cleaning a standard blanket, it’s still really easy. Follow these tips so your blanket will be fresh, clean, and ready to snuggle.

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