Make Sure You Have These Items In Your Vehicle’s First Aid Kit

A woman helps bandage a cut in a man's finger.

A first aid kit is essential in every home and should be in every vehicle you drive, too. You never know what can happen when you are on the road, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Of course, your first aid kit doesn’t have to be fully loaded. Just make sure you have the essential items that will help out when you need them most. Take a look at a few items that would be best to carry in your vehicle.

Antiseptic Spray

Any antiseptic spray, or wash, will be a great item to have in case you find yourself with a wound you need to clean out. Since your vehicle doesn’t have fresh soap or water, this is definitely a much needed first aid kit item to have.


Adhesive bandages are great to keep in your car for when you have a cut or scrape. Stock your first aid kit with all sizes and shapes so you can be prepared if you or your passengers ever need a bandage.


Antibiotic ointment helps stop bacteria from growing on a wound. You can find antibiotic ointments at any store. There are name brand, and generic types as well. They all work equally well.

Gauze Pads and Medical Tape

Gauze pads and medical tape are a must-have in a first aid kit. These will cover wounds that are too big for Band-Aids.


A nice pair of scissors can come in handy for many things. Even a small pair of curved medical scissors would be worth getting too. They are safe and easier to use if you need to snip off or trim any material around a wound.

Ice Packs

Obviously it is impossible to carry a fresh ice pack in your vehicle. Instant cold packs are just as good, though. Keep a few in your first aid kit since they can only be used once. These packs work great if you get a bad bruise, sprain injury, or even a pesky bug bite.

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You want to be as safe as you can when working with an injured area. Having non-latex gloves are a great investment for your first aid kit to ensure you are protecting the injured person and the one administering the wounded area.

Stay safe on the road and keep these items in your car just in case!

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