Visit A Local Farm This Fall

Old man with an apron showing a bunch of tomatoes.

When you sit down at the dinner table to enjoy a good meal, do you think much about where the food came from? Before the items ever got to your local grocery store in Goldsboro, North Carolina, a dedicated farmer grew and harvested the ingredients and food that are now on your plate. You learn more about this at a local farm. Furthermore, you can see how the process works and what goes into taking food from a farm to your table. In addition, there are fall-time activities at local farms to enjoy and discover.

Odom Farming Company

This Goldsboro farm is a newer one, having been established in 2010. The farm owners are passionate about helping people get interested in agriculture. A visit here teaches you that a lot happens before you pick up groceries from the store.

The spring, summer, and fall seasons are important ones for the Odom Farming Company. Moreover, you can take part in the fun and reap the farm’s success. In the springtime, you can stop by and explore the strawberry patch and pick out your own selections. For $10, you can fill up a 4-quart bucket of this delicious fruit.

Summer brings sunflowers, and you and your family can check out the sunflower maze. You’ll also love spending time at the creek and fishing from it. In the autumn, the pumpkin patch and corn maze are big winners.

Cottle Farms

This farm is a great place to see a huge collection of locally grown vegetables. For instance, the farm produces high-quality cucumbers, grape tomatoes, squash, eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, and specialty peppers. Some of these harvest in the fall, so September and October are the right times to see these items ready to eat and enjoy. There are also cantaloupes and a large selection of berries. Stop by Cottle Farms in Faison, NC, and see where your fruits and vegetables come from and take some home with you.

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Holly Grove Farms

In nearby Mount Olive, NC, is Holly Grove Farms, which produces delicious cheese. It comes from the milk of 1,000 goats on the farm’s 40 acres of sprawling land. You can stop by this fall and see how the process works to make fresh chevre cheese from milk. This soft, spreadable cheese is ideal for bread and crackers. The farm produces the cheese and packages it in ½-pound, 4-pound, and 20-pound containers. Furthermore, you can stop by the gift shop and pick up some free samples, along with products from the farm.

The next time you sit down to help yourself to a meal, think about how your food got there. Then, visit these North Carolina farms and see firsthand the important role they play in your life and the community you live in.

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