6 Activities To Do This Fall With Your Family

Roasted pumpkin seeds in the oven during the fall.

After a long, hot summer it feels so good when days start to turn brisk and you notice the leaves starting to change color a bit. Finally, it’s fall! Season of the pumpkin spice latte, the cozy sweater, and your favorite flannel shirt. When this season rolls around, you’ll want to take some time to celebrate with the family. After all, at such a wonderful time of year, you definitely deserve to have some fun. Take a look at these exciting activities you can plan to do with your whole crew this autumn.

Visit a Corn Maze

If you’re lucky, you live in an area where you have relatively easy access to a farm. That’s because you’ll find a ton of fun fall-themed activities at many farms across the country. Perhaps the best of those? Corn mazes. Go out to a corn maze with your family, and see who gets through it the fastest.

Press Leaves

Want to do something that won’t even require you to leave your backyard? Try pressing some leaves. Go outside and choose the prettiest leaves you can find. Then place them in a book and wait for them to dry. After you’re done, you can even frame them.

Pick a Pumpkin

There’s one fall activity that every family has to do: picking out a pumpkin. Have you visited your local pumpkin patch yet? If not, it may be time to go check it out. If you have kids, they are going to love picking their own pumpkin.

Bake a Pumpkin Pie

Can you even remember the last time you baked something from scratch? If it’s been a while, you may want to try again with a pumpkin pie. Gather the ingredients and spend the afternoon making the perfect pie together.

Take a Hike

Now that it’s a bit cooler outside, it is the perfect opportunity for you to get out and enjoy the outdoors. There’s no better way to do that than going for a hike. Chose a beautiful natural hiking spot near you, and go connect with nature. You’re going to feel so much better when you do.

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Roast Pumpkin Seeds

You know all those pumpkin seeds you have left over from making your jack-o’-lanterns? Well, you shouldn’t throw them away. Instead, just let them dry. Then season them and put them in the oven to roast for a few minutes. You’ll have a delicious treat in no time at all.

If you’re ready to celebrate fall, try out some of these fun ideas.

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