Link Up With Buick Connected Services

Woman on her phoneEvery year car manufacturers offer more services and technology to improve the lives of their customers. One of the first examples of this was with OnStar. Companies have since implemented their own services plans to serve drivers around the clock. Buick drivers are now treated with Buick Connected Services. There are 3 different plans included under the Connected Services umbrella and all provide value. Explore which plan suits your needs!

Connected Access 

The Connected Access plan comes complimentary with new Buicks for ten years. Services included in the complimentary plan include monthly vehicle diagnostics, Buick Smart Driver, and Buick Marketplace.

The monthly diagnostics help you stay on top of your new Buick’s maintenance. You also get real-time alerts when problems are detected in your vehicle. It’s always nice to have someone watching out for you and now with Buicks Connected Services, you do.

Buick Smart Driver is a feature that helps keep track of any insurance discounts you could qualify for. It keeps track of your driving record and also offers suggestions to improve your Buick Smart Driver Score.

Buick Marketplace is accessible through the myBuick app and provides special offers to Buick drivers

Remote Access 

If you’re looking for a few more features, then the Remote Access Plan might be for you. It comes with everything included in Connected Access plus a remote start key fob, vehicle location services, and on-demand diagnostics. Also, the Remote Access plan is available to include unlimited data for a small fee. 

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Unlimited Access

This is the fully upgraded Connected Services plan from Buick. The Unlimited Access plan builds off of the previously mentioned plan by adding turn-by-turn navigation as well as unlimited 4G LTE data at no extra cost. 

Which one of these plans best fit you? Is Connected Access enough or do you upgrade to the Remote or Unlimited plan? Whatever plan you decide upon know that Buick has your back. But that’s not all you have in your corner. Our team at Doug Henry Buick GMC is here for you too! Whether you need help finding the perfect new Buick or getting your vehicle service, we’re here to help.

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