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5 Crucial Things To Keep In Your Car

The interior of the trunk of the car in which there is a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, reflective vest, starter cables and tow rope
If you’re like most people in Goldsboro, you probably use your car just about every day. You need your vehicle to commute to work, shuttle kids to school, or handle personal tasks throughout the day. From time to time, you also rely on your car for longer trips. However, no... [read more]

How To Jump-Start Your Car In A Pinch

Close up of auto mechanic jumping battery car.
There are many reasons why your car battery might fail. Sometimes, the battery is old, and it is time for you to replace it. But other times, the battery fails because you accidentally left a light on or drained the battery. Fortunately, there are ways to recharge a drained battery.... [read more]

The Best Car Vacuums Of 2022

cleaning car interior with portable vacuum cleaner
Not everyone appreciates a clean vehicle, but if you do, check out this year’s vacuums that rank among the best. They’re not only efficient, but many of them have HEPA filters. You’ll even find several options if you’re on a restricted budget. A clean car just makes you feel better,... [read more]

Take A Look At The New Hummer EV

Hummer EV
Hummer continues to innovate and is back with the all-new Hummer EV. This electric vehicle is proof that you can dominate the road and move away from fossil fuels at the same time. Its all-electric powertrain is capable of taking on any adventure. If you haven’t seen Hummer lately, it’s... [read more]

5 Safety Features To Look For In A Family Vehicle

Family with dog in the car
When you shop for a vehicle in Goldsboro, North Carolina, there are many elements to pay attention to. For instance, you’ll need to budget wisely, so the price tag makes a big difference. You’ll also keep a close eye on the engine power, gas mileage, and interior comforts and conveniences.... [read more]

5 Tips For Traveling With A Pet This Summer

Summer is approaching, which means warmer temperatures and more travel to fun activities. If you plan on taking your pet with you, you’ll need to take some precautions. Your four-legged friends can be prone to misfortune during your travels if you aren’t careful. Following some helpful guidelines can keep them... [read more]

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Old Car’s Interior

excited couple enjoying drive
You probably spend a lot of time washing and buffing your car’s exterior, but there’s a good chance you’ve all but ignored the inside. Unfortunately, that means it might be outdated, uncomfortable, and unsightly. You can change that in a big way by adding these upgrades to the interior. 1.      Bluetooth®... [read more]

Camping Accessories For Your GMC Terrain

Woman camping, laying in a hammock
In spring's warm, pleasant weather, exploring the great outdoors is an excellent pastime. And, the GMC Terrain is a wonderful vehicle for tackling the trails or setting up camp. It doesn't matter if you're a survivalist backpacker or a full-on glamper who needs all the comforts of home on your... [read more]

Upgrade Your Buick With These Accessories

Aftermarket accessories are a popular pastime for auto enthusiasts. Whether you own a sports car, an off-road vehicle, or a luxury sedan, there are a plethora of parts and accessories that further enhance your vehicle. That holds true for Buick vehicles. Though it might seem ridiculous that someone would even want... [read more]

What Is The Lifespan Of A Car Battery?

Charging car battery with electricity trough jumper cables.
You probably don’t give much thought to your car battery until something goes wrong. Then when your car doesn’t crank, you can’t help but wonder how long batteries are supposed to last. On average, car batteries last three to five years, which is a big range. Find out what impacts... [read more]