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Welcome The Envista

Welcome The Envista
As the demand for compact crossover SUVs increases, more and more options are becoming available. For example, reputable automakers such as Buick continue to offer new models. Coming soon is the 2024 Buick Envista. Early concepts and looks at this SUV are intriguing. It should offer the versatility you want... [read more]

Check Out Buick’s J.D. Power Rankings

People have always trusted Buick automobiles. That’s because this automaker doesn’t cut corners when designing and building new vehicles. To fully appreciate its vehicles, check out its ranking with the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Customer Service Index. In addition, visit Doug Henry Buick GMC in Goldsboro, NC, to take one... [read more]

Quick Facts About Cars Not Starting

Hand turning car key in the key hole to start the car engine
When you slide behind the wheel, you expect your car to start, but that’s not always what happens. If you’re at home and trying to go somewhere, it’s frustrating. However, if you’re out and about, especially in an unfamiliar part of town, the same incident becomes frightening. Take your vehicle... [read more]

Buick Has Big Plans For 2023

People should consider a Buick when they’re ready to buy a new vehicle. That’s because this automaker has some major plans for the 2023 lineup of Buick automobiles. So, before you look at other cars, look at your options at Doug Henry Buick GMC in Goldsboro, North Carolina. 2023 Buick Electra... [read more]

Travel With A Passion For Comfort!

Road trip through the forest
If you're a globetrotter raring to head out on your next adventure but you need a new vehicle to get you there, explore the 2023 Buick Enclave at Doug Henry Buick GMC. You and your family will love the comfort and convenience of traveling in the latest Enclave. Get Comfy In... [read more]

Keep That New Car Smell With These Tips

new car smell
There’s something special about sitting inside a new vehicle. Not only is everything spotless, but it has a unique new car smell. Well, it doesn’t take long for that to fade. To keep your vehicle smelling new, try some of these excellent tips. Also, keep your car running great by... [read more]

What Are Oil Additives And What Do They Do?

Refueling and pouring oil quality into the engine motor car Transmission and Maintenance Gear .Energy fuel concept.
Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, it uses oil. Not only does the right oil ensure your car performs optimally, but it also prevents damage to the engine. For optimal protection and performance, motor oil companies use additives in their products. Benefits of Car Oil As mentioned, motor oil helps... [read more]

5 Crucial Things To Keep In Your Car

The interior of the trunk of the car in which there is a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, reflective vest, starter cables and tow rope
If you’re like most people in Goldsboro, you probably use your car just about every day. You need your vehicle to commute to work, shuttle kids to school, or handle personal tasks throughout the day. From time to time, you also rely on your car for longer trips. However, no... [read more]

How To Jump-Start Your Car In A Pinch

Close up of auto mechanic jumping battery car.
There are many reasons why your car battery might fail. Sometimes, the battery is old, and it is time for you to replace it. But other times, the battery fails because you accidentally left a light on or drained the battery. Fortunately, there are ways to recharge a drained battery.... [read more]

The Best Car Vacuums Of 2022

cleaning car interior with portable vacuum cleaner
Not everyone appreciates a clean vehicle, but if you do, check out this year’s vacuums that rank among the best. They’re not only efficient, but many of them have HEPA filters. You’ll even find several options if you’re on a restricted budget. A clean car just makes you feel better,... [read more]