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Golf Course

With the summer sun in full effect, it’s officially the best time of the year to get outside and soak it up while you can! Though the heat can be uncomfortable, we all know that we’ll miss the sun when winter rolls around at the end of the year. Therefore, you should go outside and enjoy it! What better way to get outside than by practicing your swing at a local golf course?

Goldsboro Municipal Golf Course is not your run-of-the-mill course ⁠— there are some features that set it apart from the rest. Keep reading to find out why this should be your next outing!


The Goldsboro Municipal Golf Course was built in 1941 but renovated in 1999 under a renowned golf course architect, John LaFoy. It also features the best practice facility in Wayne County.

During the renovations, ‘Champion’ Bermuda greens were added to the course, giving the course a more majestic look. While you’re golfing, you can turn to either side and see these 6,000-square-foot beauties.


Some key elements that make this place worthy of checking out are the full-service pro shop, 18-hole course, a challenging course, concrete golf cart paths, huge practice green, and the fact that it’s open to the public. There are also nine practice mats, a 20-station grass hitting area, practice bunker, chipping green, and four target greens all with laser shot exact distances.

If you’re new to the world of golf, or just want to sharpen your skills, you can also take a lesson from Jody F. Dean, PGA, if you make an appointment. Check out a map of the course here.

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For Kids

Does your kid already have a budding love of golf? Maybe they play on the school team and want to get in some extra practice? Now, they can! As a new feature, Goldsboro Municipal Golf Course now offers junior rates. During the weekdays, kids 13 through 18 can play for $4! On the weekends and on holidays, it goes up to $6. Younger kids play for free any day of the week, as long as mom or dad is with them.

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