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Visit These Parks This Summer

Family playing soccer at park outdoors.
Goldsboro is home to an impressive number of parks. You can visit the parks to enjoy green spaces, play sports, let your kids loose on the playground, and more. Are you unsure of which parks you want to visit? Check out the top parks in Goldsboro and make plans to... [read more]

4 Pieces Of Art Downtown You Need To See

Downtown art
Living in Goldsboro offers so many activities and things to do. However, you don’t always want to have to spend money to do something fun. If you ever want to walk around town and see something new, you’re in luck. That’s because there is a variety of art downtown that... [read more]

Visit Goldsboro Municipal Golf Course

Golf Course
With the summer sun in full effect, it's officially the best time of the year to get outside and soak it up while you can! Though the heat can be uncomfortable, we all know that we'll miss the sun when winter rolls around at the end of the year. Therefore,... [read more]