How To Deal With Less Sunlight This Fall

A photo of a strong man walking towards his car, finishing work in the woods and calmly returning to his warm log cabin.

For many people in Goldsboro, NC, one of the highlights of summertime is having more sunlight. Longer days allow for more activities outdoors. Furthermore, having more sunlight in your life has physical and mental health benefits. However, as fall arrives, the sun sets earlier, diminishing the chances to enjoy the sunlight. There are effective ways you can handle these challenges and even take advantage of the new season.

Get to Bed Earlier

It can be hard to fall asleep in the summer when the sun is out until later into the day. However, with an earlier-setting sun, you have a great excuse to retire earlier each day. For example, if your schedule requires you to arise early, autumn is a nice time to start your sleep routine earlier at night. This allows you to get a better night’s sleep and feel prepared for the next day.


Furthermore, if you think it will be hard to go to bed earlier and adjust your body’s internal clock, try exercising. This is an activity you should be doing each day anyway. Moreover, an exercise regimen can benefit you and help you sleep better. It can be challenging to find the right time to exercise. Choose whatever works for you, but try to find a time to exercise outdoors.

Eat a Lighter Dinner

If you are having a hard time falling asleep this fall, it may be because you’re eating too much before bed. Because you may call it a day earlier than you did in the summer, your dinner will be closer to bedtime than it was. Consequently, instead of having your typical big meal, cut back a bit and have something lighter. Have a bigger breakfast and lunch, and then avoid eating past 8 p.m.

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Make Sure You’re Getting Outside

In the fall, as temperatures drop, it’s less appealing to spend time outdoors. But you need to take advantage of the light as much as possible. Therefore, plan on being outside during the day when possible. For example, a lunchtime walk can do wonders. Or, spend some time in the morning getting a workout.

The change from summer to fall can be difficult for some people. Less sun requires some adjustments. But if you follow these tips, you can stay happy and healthy this autumn.

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