Let Von Shrado Groomers Pamper Your Pet

an asian chinese female pet groomer using animal brush to clean up and grooming a toy poodle

People have turned to the professional groomers at Von Shrado since the summer of 1996 to transform their pups. Owned by Jim and Sandy Hann, they treat other people’s animals as family. After all, they’re big animal lovers, and it shows in the quality of work provided. So, if your dog needs some pampering, this is the place to go.

A Stellar Background

The best way to rate a business is to look at the background of the people who own and operate it. Along with history, you want to consider their integrity. Jim and Sandy Hann are the real deal. They married in 1958, followed by having two daughters and one son. That led to six grandchildren, as well as 10 great-grandchildren. Retired from the United States Air Force, they proudly provide superior grooming services in the same way they served the country.

Here’s an interesting note. The name of the business, Von Shrado, wasn’t by chance. Rather, the couple used the first names of their children to come up with something unique. Then they capitalized the first two letters. So the name Von Shrado came from SHeryl, RAndy, and DOnna.

Outstanding Grooming Services

As someone who loves their pet, you want your dog to look beautiful but, even more importantly, have a positive grooming experience. Unfortunately, many businesses in the industry fall short of expectations and standards. That’s not the case with this Pikeville, North Carolina, business.

After all, Jim and Sandy Hann love animals just as much as you do. Their goal is to have your pup arrive and leave the facility happy. Along with a full line of grooming techniques, they pamper a broad range of breeds. A few examples include Poodles, Yorkies, Cocker Spaniels, and Schnauzers.

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Beyond Grooming

Although Von Shrado specializes in grooming, that’s not the only service provided. They also have years of experience providing boarding services to dogs and cats. Again, they maintain a wonderful facility that’s clean, comfortable, and safe.

In addition, they keep their prices competitive. Even so, they feed all boarded pets Kal-Kan Pedigree Mealtime food mixed with Kal-Kan Meat and warm water. Now, you can bring your dog’s favorite food if preferred.

As for cats, you know how picky they are. They request you bring the food your pet likes the best. However, you don’t need to worry about litter as that’s supplied.

For cats and dogs, feel free to bring the blanket they like to cuddle up in and any favorite toys. Moreover, be sure it has a rubber backing to prevent it from sliding off the bed. That’s right; your pup will sleep in a comfy bed.

Simply put, you won’t have any concerns about leaving your dog in the hands of the groomer or boarding your cat or dog. That’s because you can always trust the entire staff at Von Shrado.

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