Simple Gifts Teachers Will Appreciate For The End Of The Year

Teenagers gifting their teacher a bouquet of flowers

As the school year comes to a close, don’t forget to tell your child’s teacher a big thank you! After all, besides their parents, the second person kids spend the most time with has to be their teacher. They further their knowledge, expand the horizon of opportunities, and encourage them on their hard days, so say a big “thank you” with one of these teacher gifts, which are perfect for the end of the school year. Show an educator how much you appreciate and respect the work they do!

Gift Card Bouquet

Nothing quite shows your appreciation like a bundle of gift cards. Many teachers often end up contributing their own cash to items for their classroom, so repay him or her with some fun money to their favorite places. Whether you want to give money for a pedicure, a dinner at their favorite restaurant, or a store like Target or Walmart, they are sure to jump with joy. Once you gather all of the gift cards, grab a basket, fill it with green crinkly filler, and glue each card to a stick.  Make sure you label the bucket with a “Thank you for helping us grow!” message.

Teacher Survival Kit

Being a teacher isn’t easy, so when rough days hit, make sure he or she has a survival kit. This pouch on Amazon is a perfect size, so fill it with items like hand sanitizer, band-aids, nice pens, and even candy for students on their best behavior. This thoughtful and inexpensive gift is sure to light up their face.

DIY Teacher Tote

Teachers are always looking for a stylish tote to cart around the essentials, so paint them an exclusive one that all of the teachers will be jealous of. While painting a canvas tote may sound challenging, this DIY project couldn’t be simpler. You’ll need fabric paint, paper towels, newspaper, cardboard, paintbrushes, and even a stencil if you’re really feeling crafty. To personalize, you can add “Mrs./Mr. ____ is tote-ally rad!” If the teacher teaches English, you’ll get bonus points for the catchy phrase.

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DIY Marbled Mug

While handling a classroom of kids is a full-time job, teachers need our help staying caffeinated. With the help of nail polish and nail polish remover, you can create a beautiful and inexpensive gift your teacher will cherish for years to come. He or she can enjoy their coffee or tea in style!

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