How To Prevent Those Fall Allergies

Woman sitting on the sofa with a cold, flu or allergy.

Almost everyone loves fall. The air feels crisp and cool, people begin to bake seasonal goodies, and more. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when allergies rear their ugly head. That means dealing with watery eyes, sniffles, and coughs. If that sounds familiar, you’ll appreciate these helpful tips to prevent fall allergies.

Have the Ductwork Cleaned

This is something you want a professional to do once a year. If you schedule time just before fall, it’ll help to prevent nasty allergy symptoms. As part of this service, a technician not only cleans but also sanitizes the ducts in your home. That removes pet dander, mold, insect and rodent droppings, and dust. You’ll feel so much better just by having the ducts cleaned.

Look for Any Moist or Wet Areas

These areas are where mold grows. For instance, if you have a small leak beneath your bathroom or kitchen cabinet, there’s a good chance of a mold problem. Getting rid of mold helps tremendously for allergies. It also prevents other health-related issues.

Nasal Sprays and Rinses

Thankfully, you can buy both nasal spray and rinse over the counter at your local drug store. Especially if you have problems breathing through your nose, these will clear the passageway quickly. If what you buy over the counter doesn’t seem to work, contact your doctor. They can prescribe something stronger and formulated specifically for you.

Clean Your Fall and Winter Clothes

If you’re like many people, you store your fall and winter clothes away until needed. However, even having them in a plastic bag or bin might not be enough to prevent allergy problems. So, before you put anything on, wash the clothes. This, too, will help significantly in fighting fall allergies.

Wear a Mask

You don’t need to wear a mask inside your house, but when you venture outside. After all, the fall season and high pollen levels go hand in hand. Even if you don’t have a tree you’re allergic to on your property, your neighbor might. All it takes is a gust of wind to send pollen your way.

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Focus on Your House

This is a good time to thoroughly clean your house, as well. The dust gets on furniture and drapes every day and settles into the carpeting. Use a quality dusting spray and, if possible, a HEPA vacuum.

Fall allergies are miserable, but by following these tips, you should notice a big improvement this year.

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