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Build Your Own Mini Golf Course At Home

A mid adult man playing mini-golf at home during the 2020 pandemic lockdown.
Looking for a fun at-home activity this spring? Make your own DIY mini putt-putt course! From something as simple as a putting mat to an elaborate backyard setup, the possibilities are limitless! Decide On a Theme What will the theme of your home putt-putt course be? Choosing a theme before you construct... [read more]

Stay Warm With This DIY Chunky Knit Blanket

Large soft blanket
The temperature outside is falling and there is no denying that blanket season is here. Chunky knit blankets have become a viral trend online, and for good reason, because they are easy to knit and so comfortable to curl up with. We recently learned how to make a chunky blanket... [read more]

Centerpieces Perfect For Your Table This Fall

Shot of a table set up for a Thanksgiving celebration at home
Now that fall has finally arrived, it’s the perfect time to celebrate. First, you’re going to want to decorate your house. Then you may want to have people over to enjoy it. Whether you’re just making dinner for your family members or you’re having a few friends come along as... [read more]

Get Crafty With These DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is so much fun to celebrate. Whether you have a significant other or not, it’s awesome to be able to treat the people around you who mean something to you. However, you may not have a ton of money to spend on store-bought cards, candy, or any of... [read more]