Link Up With Buick Connected Services

Woman on her phone
Every year car manufacturers offer more services and technology to improve the lives of their customers. One of the first examples of this was with OnStar. Companies have since implemented their own services plans to serve drivers around the clock. Buick drivers are now treated with Buick Connected Services. There... [read more]

5 Foods In Season Right Now

Woman washing broccoli in the kitchen sink
You’ve probably heard all about the importance of eating local and choosing foods that are grown in season. Not only does this place less stress on the environment, but a lot of times, fruits and vegetables that are in season actually taste better. Therefore, why would you try it out?... [read more]

Your New Favorite Family Night Snacks!

Nachos on a plate for family night.
So, you want to have a family night with your whole crew. Whether you want to have a movie night or you’re planning on having a game night, you’re going to have a fun time. However, you’re probably looking for some food you can feed everyone. Don’t have any ideas... [read more]

The Perfect Family Car!

2020 GMC Yukon
You have a long list of must-haves and would-likes when you're shopping for the ultimate family vehicle. And you can spend a lot of time browsing all of your options on your search for one that checks off the most boxes on those lists. Or, you can take a closer... [read more]

4 Pieces Of Art Downtown You Need To See

Downtown art
Living in Goldsboro offers so many activities and things to do. However, you don’t always want to have to spend money to do something fun. If you ever want to walk around town and see something new, you’re in luck. That’s because there is a variety of art downtown that... [read more]

Participate In The Wayne County Community Baby Shower 2020

Baby shower
Sometimes, people can hit a rough patch in their lives. They may be struggling with unemployment, or they could be experiencing a shortage of resources. All of these issues can be tough for just about anybody to deal with. But when a young mother with a newborn child is going... [read more]

Wood Ducks Baseball Is Back

Down East Wood Ducks
You may think that you have to go to a major league baseball game to enjoy the best the sport has to offer. However, that’s really not the case. Minor league baseball games can be just as fun as any other. If you’re interested in seeing a game, why don’t... [read more]

Have Some Family Fun At Atomic Laser Dome

Atomic Laser Dome
Does springtime have you feeling like you want to get out of the house more? After a long winter of staying in more than usual, you may be looking for a way to go out and have some fun with your family. But where should you go? If you want... [read more]

Plan A Unique Camping Trip This Spring

camping North Carolina
If you live anywhere in North Carolina, then you know it’s a beautiful state to call home. There are busy cities, stunning countryside, and everything in between. But did you know that it’s also an excellent place to go camping? There are top-notch camping spots all over North Carolina. Now... [read more]

Make Plans To Attend The KDS MoneyFest

KDS MoneyFest
If you really love cars, there’s a good chance that you’re into motorsports. Not only do you get to admire exceptional vehicles, but you also get the opportunity to see who can drive the cars best. You may not have many chances to see motorsport competitions, so when the opportunity... [read more]