Easy Easter Dinner Recipe

Glazed Easter Ham Dinner
How long does it take to cook Easter Dinner? With this easy sheet pan dinner, you'll be done with kitchen duty and enjoying Easter Sunday with your family in no time. Read on to learn how to prepare a quick Easter Dinner and the traditions that led to the special... [read more]

Celebrate Peach Cobbler Day With This Recipe!

Peach Cobbler And Vanilla Ice Cream
You don't need an excuse to enjoy the deliciously sweet treat of a peach cobbler, but we're giving you one anyway. Next Wednesday is National Peach Cobbler Day! So, gather your ingredients and plan to celebrate by making this yummy peach cobbler. Peach Cobbler KAQs (Kid Asked Questions) If your kids are... [read more]

Start Your Garden Today

Young farmer with crate full of vegetables
Spring will be in full swing before you know it! March is the perfect time to start thinking about what you want to plant in your garden this year. It’s never too early to start collecting the seeds you want to plant. With the weather starting to get warmer, March... [read more]

Upgrade Your Buick With These Accessories

Aftermarket accessories are a popular pastime for auto enthusiasts. Whether you own a sports car, an off-road vehicle, or a luxury sedan, there are a plethora of parts and accessories that further enhance your vehicle. That holds true for Buick vehicles. Though it might seem ridiculous that someone would even want... [read more]

Visit The Arts Council of Wayne County

art brushes and oil paints on wooden palette.
Our community is home to some inspired artists, and the Arts Council of Wayne County works to provide them with the support they need to thrive. Supporting Art in Goldsboro The Arts Council’s building on N John Street features two galleries, one on each floor. These spaces are used to showcase the... [read more]

4 Recipes Perfect For The Month Of March

Preparing, Lemon, Garlic and Parmesan Roasted Asparagus
Spring is near! It's time to put up your hearty and hot recipes and hop into the kitchen to put winter to rest with these springtime-approved meals full of in-season produce. Sheet Pan Roasted Cauliflower and Chicken Who doesn't love a sheet pan dinner? Have the perfect amount of carbs, veggies, and... [read more]

Tips On How To Wash Your Weighted Blanket

woman washing blanket
Do you love curling up under a weighted blanket at the end of the day? Your blanket creates a calm, cozy place for you to relax, especially when it’s clean. However, if your blanket is dirty, you’ll have difficulty relaxing. You can fix this problem by learning how to wash... [read more]

What Is The Lifespan Of A Car Battery?

Charging car battery with electricity trough jumper cables.
You probably don’t give much thought to your car battery until something goes wrong. Then when your car doesn’t crank, you can’t help but wonder how long batteries are supposed to last. On average, car batteries last three to five years, which is a big range. Find out what impacts... [read more]

Here’s Your February Home Maintenance To-Do Checklist

Hands in yellow gloves washing gas stove.
You’re probably spending a lot of time inside because of the cold weather, making it the ideal time to tackle some cleaning tasks. By handling these chores now, you’ll have more time to enjoy your favorite activities when spring arrives. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a clean, cozy house. With... [read more]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A Delicious Dessert

Homemade lemon bars with shortbread crust
You don’t need to book reservations at a fancy restaurant to impress your date this Valentine’s Day. Instead, make a delectable dessert to share at home. First, check out some fabulous Valentine’s Day dessert recipes. Then select one to whip up for date night. Black Forest Cake Chocolate and Valentine’s Day tend... [read more]